Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So it's been awhile since I've been able to post a blog!! Long story short, our house-mate hadn't paid any utilities or sent the rent money we gave him for over 6 months so the electricity was turned off. We decided it was time to move plus I had an agent waiting in LA. And then an amazing friend-Niki-offered the extra room at her house in Lancaster to us until we could get on our feet. We've been here for about a week and a half and I had a meeting with the agent who said she would represent me commercially if I moved to LA. She wants to represent me, but she was condescending, rude, and overall did not send off the positive vibes I want to further my career with. But I'm on the ball agency-wise! I've compiled a list of agencies, am waiting on one more scene from a director for my reel, and I am ready to get acting ASAP!! Mike and I have both been applying to jobs every day, but our gas and money are pretty much gone. We came down here on an amazing dream, but finances are really tough. Niki and Robert (her significant other) are being amazing and so understanding about the fact that we have zero money, but I know it's tough to hear.... Which means you probably don't want to listen to my troubles, lol. 

Oh I was totally shown this today! J.K. Rowling almost killed Ron. RON!!! How the heck...!?? *deep breath* She also explained Lupin's death-it was supposed to be a father figure dying. Like Harry didn't have enough of those growing up! Jeezum crow...

Anywho, tomorrow Mike and I should have a busy day in the midst of LA. Wish us positive thoughts!! :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Help me move to LA!!

Hey all!! I am so excited, Mike and I have finally decided to move to LA!! I have been getting decent work in the Bay Area, but I really want to focus more on my film and television career and a little less commercially. I have an agent waiting to start booking me on gigs as soon as I move down there (she's even help me scout for housing) so I want to get going right now, but I know that's not quite possible. So I started a Fundrazr! I am asking any one out there who could just put a little money towards my dream. I have been aspiring to this point in my life since I was 9 years old and I played Golde in Fiddler on the Roof. My life-long dream comes down to whether or not I can get some help financially to get down there. Mike and I have been struggling to keep ourselves fed up here, but we are working our asses off for peanuts up here (which I'm willing to do if my career progresses from it). But I'm at a standstill. I've applied to most of the agencies in SF and nearly all of them have denied me. I'm still waiting on 2 of them. And since LA wants me, I want to go there and find my fortune. I don't want to look back on these years and regret them. Please help!!!!

Please click here if you can:

Friday, April 13, 2012

Itching to move...

Ever since I've focused myself entirely on acting instead of acting and modeling, I haven't been as busy or feeling as productive. Yesterday I auditioned for the Kaiser Permanente Educational Touring job and filmed a short. The short was awesome!! We shot at Laney College and I played a kidnapped wife who had been drugged and was getting felt up by a gangster. The grittiness of it was really awesome :-D Plus I got to shoot with BigSpence, whom I had met and gotten to know slightly on a 1-day shoot for the TV show 'Frontline.' Then on Saturday I'm going to be an extra in 'Now Hiring' in Roseville on Saturday. Just a short shoot, but I'm bringing my new business cards and I'm hoping to make some new friends! :)
I just booked a web-series that will be featured on youtube! I'll include the link here after it's uploaded. I'm also getting to audition for the film they are producing as well.
I'm still doing stuff in voice-acting of course! I've just sent in about 6 auditions (I almost wrote half dozen, but then I realized that was a heck of a lot longer than '6') I've also been given 3 different roles in various video games and audiobooks so I'm building up experience with voice-overs and editing said voice-overs. I also lament some websites not sending emails if I get a response to a post or get an email. I was emailed 2 weeks ago on some random website asking if I could do voice-acting for their film and I just found it tonight. Blegh
So anywho, Mike just made me a yummy ham sandwich so I'm going to go eat it. I'm super excited for the upcoming opportunities, please keep positive thoughts for everything! :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Voice Acting and some good/bad news....

I have some amazing news! An agency in LA called and we had a meeting in LA. This led to her telling me that she couldn't represent me until I lived in LA. She explained why-she could get me 2-3 auditions a day nearly every day, but that would mean I would have to be in LA full time or else I would start looking bad. And right now that's just not financially possible. Mike does have a part-time job and I have occasional gigs, but we can only pay for rent (sometimes not even that) and we feed ourselves 2-3 times a day. I knew I was in for this-the whole starving artist thing, but I wish my career was more productive in SF. I have to keep reminding myself it doesn't just have to do with my look or my acting ability. And that I've only been in the Bay Area for less than a year. But since I KNOW I have gigs waiting for me in LA, I want to be there SO BAD!!
Every option for moving down there has crossed my mind:
-Ask a friend if I can crash on their couch for a few weeks and audition for gigs left and right until I can make some money
-Make a few grand (lotto?? I'm almost considering going to amateur night at the strip club. If you're a family member, you didn't read that though!) and get a car and an apartment in North Hollywood
-Wait for a few more weeks, months, however long until we've made enough money to move down there. At this rate, it probably won't be for about another year.

But for now it's just another part of a dream that I've been trying to make happen since I was 9.

I am making advances in my voice-over work though! I just voiced 2 video games today and I auditioned for 6 other VO gigs. I finally figured out how to edit with Audacity so I've been having some fun with it! I might post a clip of a Dr. Horrible song I did all the parts for, hehe. :)

Tomorrow I'm auditioning for Kaiser Permanente's educational touring program at 11:20. A different avenue that I'm trying. And then later tomorrow, I'll be filming a short at Laney College. On Saturday I'll be an extra in 'Now Hiring' which sounds pretty fun! After that I'm pretty free though :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

The suspense is killing me!! A side note on my life :)

This past week was our 1 year anniversary. 1 year ago on Thursday Mike asked me to go out with him as I was sitting in the front seat of my car, about to leave for Humboldt. I said yes without a thought-he's my soulmate. We belong together and always will no matter what difficulties or excitements may happen.

Anywho, done with the sappy stuff. Mike has been dangling a trip for our anniversary over my head for about a month now and as the title of this post says: THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!! I freaking love surprises-Christmas is my favorite holiday because of all the different surprises for everyone! But Mike kept me in suspense until we got there. We drove an hour south yesterday at 7:30 in the morning. Once we got close enough to the surprise, Mike put a blindfold on me and I put my sunglasses over them so it didn't look like I was getting kidnapped. :) I almost heard where we were when Mike was talking to the parking lot attendant but I plugged my ears to make sure I didn't hear anything! Mike walked me all the way to the front gates and then ripped off my blindfold so I could see that I was at Great America!!!! AND, he got us season passes!!!!!!!! for suuuuuper cheap! We so needed this relaxing time. Since moving to the Bay Area we just haven't had a lot of time or money to do anything together as a couple. The first year together is supposed to be the most fun I've always been told, but the stress of money really has gotten to us. So this was a fantastic way to celebrate our 1 year anniversary!!!!!!!!! We rode every single ride that was open and often just stayed on the ride a 2nd time through because there was really no one there! BEST trip!!!!!!! :-D :-D I'm sure I'll write more later, but I have a few voice recordings to make plus I gotta eat something!


Saturday, March 24, 2012

All around town!

Quick catch-up on the last week or so!!!

Starting out with some bad news: I received my first agency rejection letter yesterday from Boom! Talent. :( But I sent out quite a few more to other agencies. And recently I've really gotten into this whole voice-over thing and I think I'm pretty good at it! Not trying to brag, but I've been playing around with different crazy voices forever so I have a lot of practice! I'm looking at getting a much better mic-probably still not super professional but something better than the $20 mic I'm borrowing from Mike. I went to Best Buy and looked around and I'm also checking the best cheaper mics (around $100, maybe a little more) online and whatnot. I'm strongly considering the 'Samson Studio USB Condenser Microphone'-it's only about $70 and has some great reviews! There is sooo much equipment to become a VO artist!! I have to find a really good quality microphone, good headphones, a popper stopper, XLR cable, hi-pass filter, an USB man (I only have 1 working USB port, lol), and the software. I want to set up a little studio in the empty room downstairs so I don't have to bother Mike and Brian upstairs with all my weird voices and getting frustrated with myself, lol. Plus the room has pretty nice acoustics and an exercise bike!
I'm sending in my VO reel tomorrow (hopefully! If I don't get too busy talking elsewhere!) to quite a few agencies and I'm still compiling a list. Cross your fingers!

Over the past week, I've had two auditions for hosting gigs. The first was for a trailer for a movie and the second was kind of a promo gig, but I would be interviewing people at the party. One of the ladies from the first audition was the woman who interviewed me at the second audition so it made it very comfortable :)

This afternoon Mike and I were in a commercial for RonDu Pratt Ford in Vacaville! We were 'customers' that were very pleased with their experience. Well, you've seen car commercials. You know what I'm talking about ;-)

I was also offered a role in a movie (Cover) I auditioned for 2 weeks ago!! It isn't the role I auditioned for, nor is it the same movie, but it should be fun!! They said that they liked my audition so much they wrote a role that fit me better :) :)

PLEASE cross your fingers for my other agency applications out there and that on the 31st Mike and I get to play zombies so we can pay rent! :-D

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend of windy filming :)

Whew! It has been a fun-acting-filming-filled weekend!! :-) Yesterday I filmed the trailer for 'Pretend'-a film I auditioned for back in November. We did a trailer and short interview to raise funds on kickstarter-once that's online I'll post a link here :) Anywho, it was an interesting day because there were only 3 crew members so I got to slate at times! hehe. It was also pretty funny because the entire shoot was inside and my line was shot outside. In the windy cold. Not that I'm complaining!! I absolutely love wild stuff like crazy weather and props/makeup. Suuuper fun! :-) The seagulls were a bit of a problem ((LOUD)) too. But overall, it was a very laid-back, laugh-filled day! I'm craving coffee...

Okay, craving satisfied. Onto today! Today we filmed the pick-up shoot for 'Final Shutter.' We filmed around the Bay Area for 5 days about 2 weeks ago and generally when there's a lot of footage (or we get rushed out of a space because it's closing, lol), there are scenes or shots that need to be re-done. We started out at the Academy of Art, where I got to kill the air with a letter opener 12 or so times. Remember how I said I like the gorey stuff? hehe, I had blood allll over my hand! So cool (sticky)! :-D It was great re-visiting that scene. Although as I was driving home, I made a revelation about the scene that I think would have added another layer to the scene. But I'm sure it will turn out amazing-the crew and cast were all amazingly fun, supportive, and challenging. Then we moved to the Rolling Hills Cemetery. It was so windy that I almost got knocked over several times and our poor camerawoman (who was on crutches) almost got taken out a few times too! Props flew! Scripts flew! Flowers flew! So I stayed in my car until I was needed. And I mourned the heck out of...the person...I was...mourning. Hm. I'm trying not to give away too much! lol. Jess (my character) was such a treasure field. I discovered (along with my fantastic director Hyunsook) a new layer every day, new characteristics, the ways that she would react to situations. I can honestly say that I will miss Jess and my amazing cast and crew!!!!!! :-D :-D :-D

Being a crazy person in film is so different than being a crazy person onstage. I can proudly say I've done both now, but I'm not sure which one was more fun! In the theatre I got more time to be with Emily (my 'Black Widow' sociopath character) and therefore more time and practice to discover her. In film, everything is minimalized, even the insanity. It has to burn in your eyes, you have to feel it in your soul, feel it pouring out your mouth. In Theatre you still have to feel the character, to have those passions, but the actors have to show a good portion of the story to their audience-there's nowhere near as much exposition as in film. In Theatre every performance is fluid and the same character arc from page to page. I worry sometimes that my performance in film wanders between characters (which is a problem area I'm focusing on).

Thank you all! I'll have more soon ;-D

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Life's like a jump rope

Today had a few crazy ups and downs! I got to hang out with one of my good friends from Humboldt, Sammy! We hung out all day just chilling and catching up and it was very fun and relaxing!! But while we were hanging out, I received a very angry letter from a video game add-on creator. I had simply asked if there would be pay for the project which apparently offended him enough into banning me from German VO (voice-over) video game add-on work. Which I would never get paid for. So I'm willing to cut those ties and launch myself into a more professional realm of VO work. It seems like he was an immature teenager anywho so I'm not really worrying about it.
Plus I don't take too many vacay's to Germany ;-)

In other news, I sent off my agency applications!!!! Yesterday I mailed them off to Boom! Model & Talent Agency, JE Talent, LOOK Talent, and SF Models & Talent Agency. And as soon as I can print out a list of measurements, I will be sending out another application to Generations Talent Agency. I took super extra care and time preparing these agency packets because I really want to grab their attention the first time they see my face. I'm soooo excited!!!!!!!!! I should hear back from them within the next 2-4 weeks. Wish me luck!! :-D

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Auditions!!! Oh, and I'm a Voice Actress now!!

Yesterday I had 2 auditions and I think they both went fairly well! The first was in a Holiday Inn in Oakland and was very short and professional. I was given a side and we went through the side once (I had an emotion-filled monologue in the midst of the side). When I was done, I ended the scene and looked at the casting people. They looked stunned and happy (I hope in a good way!) and I had to say thank you twice before they responded. I'm really hoping it went well!!
The second audition was also in Oakland, but this one was in a business building. This one was for a trailer for a young adult book series. It was cool because the author was there and seemed to really like me! I read through a few scenes as a certain character (a junior in high school, super drama chick-I feel like I fit her well!) and then did an Improv scene in which I received a letter with the amazing news-I went with getting a lead in a film that paid $$$. hehe It was super fun and I made them laugh which always makes me feel good :) Talk soon! ;)

Also, and I'm very excited about this, I am now an official voice actor!! I decided about a week and a half ago that I might try and get into voice acting. So I applied to be the voice of a Khajiit female in a Skyrim add-on and I got it. It was really simple since I (Mike) have a pretty good mic for his computer games so I just recorded the script at home. :) The add-on creator really liked it and recommended me to another add-on creator. And this guy has created the big add-ons for Skyrim that video game casting people look at for voices. Yay! Then I got a gig as Pinkie Pie in a My Little Pony episode :) I find it funny that within 4 days I did 2 voice-over gigs for a Khajiit female (which is a raspy-growly-purring the 'r's voice) and then I did a voice-over for Pinkie Pie (one of the highest pitched young female voices in existence! lol). Love the variety! Now to get paid for doing these types of gigs... lol :-D

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Waiting Days

Well, it has been one of those weeks. I started out the week with positive thoughts because I just got professional headshots taken the week before. And although they are AMAZING shots, they won't make the internet or mail systems get them to the agencies faster. So I wait. I thought I had gotten my first agency bite from a Film company/casting agency in LA yesterday. I got an email from a lady yesterday saying that I had an appointment for 9am tomorrow morning (today-Friday) with this company. I was psyched!! Mike called Aunt Lee and we got the car all set up to drive it down. Mike went in and got his paycheck a day early. We even ran to the bank to get some extra cash out. But while we were enjoying a celebratory dinner at McD's, I got an email explaining that it was just an interview for an unpaid internship that would last for 90 days. And since I live in the Bay Area, a full-time job in LA is out of the question. Sure I can run down there for auditions or for a few days in a row (or, pleeeease!!) if I'm cast in a film, I can stay down there for weeks.
So now I wait. At least until tomorrow. I have two auditions-one for a web trailer for a young adult book series and the other for a full-length film. Wish me luck!! :-D

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I had such a great day today! I got woken up by my aunt knocking on our window (she had called Mike's phone, but for some reason it didn't ring) so that we could borrow her car. Mike and I ran some errands then we headed down to Hayward for my professional photoshoot with Steve Cozart and Laurie Cozart. It was AMAZING!! They were so positive, so full of energy, and super fun to improvise with that I'm sure the photos will come out great! Since the Bay Area is primarily a commercial market, I got to smile all day for a good majority of the shots. I did want some theatrical shots to submit to the LA market as well so we got some simply fantastic more serious shots. I mean, if the shots look that good on the camera, I can't wait to see them after they're edited!
So then we headed down the street to the DMV because Mike needed a new ID card. He lost his debit card and license over a week ago, but we haven't had enough money to get a new ID because all our money is in his bank account. Which he can't access because he doesn't have a picture ID. You see the wonderful loop we were stuck in. But hopefully we can go to the bank tomorrow and get some more checks, his new debit card, and hopefully his student credit card (did I mention that Mike and I are going to school in the fall?) :)
Which leads me to less savory topics. Mike and I have had a lot of money issues lately. We owe about $1500 for phones (don't ask, it's super embarrassing-I got duped, but I learned my lesson), and about $3000 to various people/places. It's incredibly stressful. Plus I was cast in a film that was supposed to shoot in early March that I was depending on for rent. Then that got pushed back to late May. So I quickly made other plans to come up with the rent. Everything was set to go-my phone wasn't working, but I had worked it out so I could confirm the gig over email between 11:30-12pm this past Tuesday. I wake up at 11, prepared to send an email, only to discover that the internet hasn't been paid for over 2 weeks and has been turned off. The utilities (including internet) are my house-mate's responsibility while Mike and I take care of the rent. Well, this job was supposed to pay 2 month's worth of rent but I had no way of confirming. The local library is closed on Tuesdays and the bar with free internet doesn't open until 2pm. And I physically cannot walk the 9 miles it would take to get me to the nearest Starbucks. So I lost the gig. And the last way I could figure out how to pay rent. 
I am soooo thankful for this opportunity to pursue my career as an actress, sometimes I wish it was just a little easier. Financially. I like the struggle against others, just not against the banks.

Love y'all, I'm headed off to sleep. Or smoke. Or read. Probably gonna be Facebook actually.