Thursday, March 1, 2012

I had such a great day today! I got woken up by my aunt knocking on our window (she had called Mike's phone, but for some reason it didn't ring) so that we could borrow her car. Mike and I ran some errands then we headed down to Hayward for my professional photoshoot with Steve Cozart and Laurie Cozart. It was AMAZING!! They were so positive, so full of energy, and super fun to improvise with that I'm sure the photos will come out great! Since the Bay Area is primarily a commercial market, I got to smile all day for a good majority of the shots. I did want some theatrical shots to submit to the LA market as well so we got some simply fantastic more serious shots. I mean, if the shots look that good on the camera, I can't wait to see them after they're edited!
So then we headed down the street to the DMV because Mike needed a new ID card. He lost his debit card and license over a week ago, but we haven't had enough money to get a new ID because all our money is in his bank account. Which he can't access because he doesn't have a picture ID. You see the wonderful loop we were stuck in. But hopefully we can go to the bank tomorrow and get some more checks, his new debit card, and hopefully his student credit card (did I mention that Mike and I are going to school in the fall?) :)
Which leads me to less savory topics. Mike and I have had a lot of money issues lately. We owe about $1500 for phones (don't ask, it's super embarrassing-I got duped, but I learned my lesson), and about $3000 to various people/places. It's incredibly stressful. Plus I was cast in a film that was supposed to shoot in early March that I was depending on for rent. Then that got pushed back to late May. So I quickly made other plans to come up with the rent. Everything was set to go-my phone wasn't working, but I had worked it out so I could confirm the gig over email between 11:30-12pm this past Tuesday. I wake up at 11, prepared to send an email, only to discover that the internet hasn't been paid for over 2 weeks and has been turned off. The utilities (including internet) are my house-mate's responsibility while Mike and I take care of the rent. Well, this job was supposed to pay 2 month's worth of rent but I had no way of confirming. The local library is closed on Tuesdays and the bar with free internet doesn't open until 2pm. And I physically cannot walk the 9 miles it would take to get me to the nearest Starbucks. So I lost the gig. And the last way I could figure out how to pay rent. 
I am soooo thankful for this opportunity to pursue my career as an actress, sometimes I wish it was just a little easier. Financially. I like the struggle against others, just not against the banks.

Love y'all, I'm headed off to sleep. Or smoke. Or read. Probably gonna be Facebook actually.

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