Monday, August 18, 2014

Beyond the Gate is now an audiobook you can buy on!!!

The life of an actress is a topsy-turvy one. Especially if you're a working, independent actress. Keeping track of everything from auditions to email responses to renting cars to editing that video game juuuust right. Just the other day I got the video games I'm working on mixed up and sent in lines that had a British accent instead of the American one I was supposed to use!! I make a looooot of to-do lists ;) Couple that with having a job or two on the side to fill in the gaps and there's just not a lot of time! Now, I am not complaining! I LOVE what I do!! The uncertainty, differences in every single day, and the amazing people I get to meet and interact with are so life-sustaining to me! And I'm working hard towards that goal of being able to only do voice-acting and acting full-time. A dream I've had since I was 9 years old.

Speaking of living the dream, my first audiobook can now be bought from!! In a few days it will also be available on iTunes and Amazon  'Beyond the Gate' is written by the amazing, ever-patient, Terri-Lynne DeFino!! (Also, every time this audiobook is the first purchase of a new Audible member, I get a nice bonus so please help a girl out! I do have to pay rent, eat, and hopefully soon buy a car, lol) Thanks loves!

I'll be back soon with links to the audiobook on Amazon and iTunes ;)