Monday, December 2, 2013

Half Birthday Changes

I am coming to you in a new blog entry on my half birthday! I have a lot of updated works, I just don't have a working computer (Santa?) so it's been harder to post a long blog. My fingers get tired.

Bad news first. My fiancee Mike and I ended our relationship amicably. And, gosh it's been hard. Going from living with and seeing him everyday, looking forward to his kisses at the end of the day to being alone three quarters of the time, being accused and guilted by people because 'I didn't tell them about my engagement ending soon enough.' Well here it is! We broke up. I took it a million times harder than him apparently, because apparently he'd fallen out of love with me months before. Plus he started dating and moved in with a girl less than a month after we broke up. *deep breath* Dramatic story over.
Thankfully I have very supportive and fantastic friends! My two besties from kindergarten and 1st grade, Kassy and Ashley, respectively, came to visit me when I was living in Richmond! A fun and bonding girls weekend was had by us three in SF :) Thank you all for being there for me :)

Good news now!!!!! I SIGNED WITH NORTH CROWN TALENT MANAGEMENT!!!!! I haven't booked any gigs with them yet, but I've been chatting with them a lot, and I do need some amazing new headshots, but I'm very excited about the future we have together! YAY!!

I've also made some really good friends and connections in the acting world :) I was asked by the amazing Swayde Wilson to be in View Line Entertainment LLC's horror film, 'Dead Man's Chair!' It will be filming in Arizona the last weekend of January 2014!

I was also asked to be in the exciting horror film, 'Valentine's Day Massacre' this upcoming December/January. :)
I will be filming an awesome mockumentary, 'Hallucinations of Fear,' playing the role of an adult film star in my first 'real' film supporting extraterrestrials.


The video game in which I voiced Mitzi Hunt, The Cat Lady, is being released onto Steam within the next week! This is a fantastic step for both this game and its creators, Harvester Games!
Check it:!/page_PremierGames
Speaking of voice overs, I'll be working with Eye Wadjet Games on 'Kathy Rain' as Kathy Rain in January! I'll be heading over to New York to record for a few days! Yaaay!! :-D

Just yesterday I booked a really cool modeling gig as well! I'm working directly with the artist along with three other models. There's one shoot a month for the next three months, one in SF, the next in Portland and the following will be in Seattle! I'll definitely be traveling a lot in 2014! :-D

Unfortunately right now is the slow season for me so I'm mostly chilling at home. I made my first set of mittens with a matching hat!! Lol, not incredibly exciting. I want to be working SO much more. Hence me considering moving to LA....

Friday, September 27, 2013

Updates on life-Apprehension

There have been some very positive steps forward in our lives lately! I was asked to be a small role in Jordan Ghanma's upcoming film, "Valentine's Day Massacre' filming in November/December. I love my schedule filling up but I would love to be working all the time. Someday very soon it will happen :-D

I'm also still filming 'The Dirty.' It's been a strenuous but rewarding experience-from the level of commitment and talent of the cast and crew, I have a feeling that this tv series will go far (plus the hair and wardrobe people are amazing so everyone looks gorgeous!!) :D I also did my first two shows for 'The Dinner Detective!' The first one was super fun, everyone was super nice and really into the show. The second show was for Google, but just didn’t have the same fun, intriguing feel of the previous show. I'll be co-hosting in late October, but will be busy with other gigs until then! :)

Mike has great news too! He was promoted to full time at his job! So he's working 6 days a week now! It kinda sucks because one of the few days I'm filming this week is Sunday, his day off! lol. The life of an actress... :-D

I now have a almost fully updated IMDb! Please check it out and give it a like? :) It can be seen here:

Now to get to more important things. I've been watching a lot of Doctor Who lately. And I must say, I look very British. Like, same eyeballs, facial structure, cheeks as half the actors! I'm crazy British.

It's rough trying to become an actress. I love it, don’t get me wrong, especially because I hate being bored. But 3/4 of my days are spent finding gigs, updating my info, websites, applying to gigs and forever working on my demos. Carving out a few hours to do a part-time job is hard and makes me feel down. I guess that's just part of being an adult, lol


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Career and Life Updates! More movies!! :-D

I left my last post in a bit of a cliffhanger! So here's a little update! Mike and I moved down to my aunt and uncle's house in Richmond, CA about a month ago. On Mike's second interview, he landed a great job that will hopefully be going full-time shortly! I'm working part-time in The Dinner Detective-a murder mystery dinner that is largely improv :) I'm going to start another part-time job within the next week as well :)

In movie news, Hopes Identity had its first premiere at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland to a full audience! :) Everyone who stayed for the Q&A was so supportive and very positive-I had such a blast!!
Our second premiere at the California Theater went well too! It was a midnight premiere so it was only about half-full, but it was still super fun!
Pictured: Kimberley Ridgeway

Next up in premieres we will be in Monterey or Sacramento, The Carmel Art and Film Festival, The Blue Mountain Film Festival in Australia and more!! :-D Please keep up to date with us at the Facebook page or website:

I am also working on a webseries, 'The Dirty.' It's about 5 crews around the Bay Area competing for control. This production already has a lot of interest-we're at more than 6,000 Facebook likes! I play a Russian with a mysterious past (to others, I already know her entire life lol), Valraye, on the City Money crew! The website can be seen here:

 Pictured: Rashad Itson, Jonez Cain, Mike Grayson, Dominique Ramon Smith

I was just cast in my 2nd feature film as well, the comedy, 'Telemarketing for Dummies.' I'll be playing the quirky Jessica, a girl in her young 20s who's the romantic interest of the lead. Their facebook page with all the info can be found here:

Aaaand I will be appearing in the webseries 'T'chiba' as the news reporter, Wilma. This is a dark comedy with some supernatural elements :)

I'm excited to get started on all of these projects and hopefully add in a few more. All these opportunities are making my dream come true! Thank you again to all those who support, love, and work positively with me! :-D

Saturday, July 13, 2013

AAAAAACK!! NEW NEWS!!! (Redundant much?)

OMG YAY!!!! The main thing holding me and Mike back from moving anywhere was not having a car that we could drive to work and such. My aunt and uncle just called me and their friend has offered up their car to us!! So, all plans out the window! Back to the writing board!

What I would love to happen is we head down to the Bay Area, meet the lovely lady who is letting us borrow her car and then traverse down to LA. Be in a tv show and hopefully be able to work Comic-Con. The next few hours will be very deciding!!!
It seems that while I'm stuck here in Redding, I don't get a single break or I'm stuck doing something that I have to simply make money. But I had completely forgotten about my LA agency! They had just accepted me on right when I had to move back to Redding so I let them know I would be moving back to LA in August. And she's on the ball!! She remembered about me heading back to LA and has submitted me to a couple of things already! Plus I'm getting all intense-y on finding gigs! I'm a member of Casting Frontier, Actor's Access as well as LACasting of course!
Ah, to land a full length feature film.... :-D :-D

My most recent role was as Cynthia Evans in the full length film 'Hopes Identity.' It will be premiering at the Lake Theater in Oakland, CA on August 14th! We will also have showings in Berkeley, in the Carmel Film Festival, the Blue Mountain Film Festival in Australia, and even up by my hometown in Red Bluff, CA at the State Theater on October 5th! This was such an amazing filming process and I truly enjoyed this cast and crew! The amount of hijinks, ridiculous blaahh moments with my fake sissy Alexandra Heard, and, of course, lovely bonding moments with Mike Grayson! I can't wait to work with this group again!! :-D
(Shot by Cheryl Bowers. Talent: Mike Grayson, Brittany Morgan Williams)

But now I get down to the main issue I've been dealing with. I need to move.
No no, please read that last sentence again. I NEED to move!!!! I am stuck in a room (that used to be part of the garage!!) half the size of my old college dorm with my fiancee and the entirety of our stuff. And there are a lot of people living in this 4 bedroom house! My mom and dad, me and Mike, Gideon, Griffin, and my nephews Blake and Rhett. Not to mention our dogs Beowulf, Wonka and Duke. Duke and Beowulf are both males (Beowulf is fixed, Duke isn't) and therefore they get in huge snarling fights if a toe or piece of kibble is out of line.

Monday, April 8, 2013


There has been some good an bad news recently. We shall start with the good :) The first film I ever starred in, 'The Final Shutter,' will be showing at the Cannes Film Festival in France May 15th-26th (right during my sister's wedding!!)!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for this opportunity!!!! :-D :-D :-D
Now onto more everyday conundrums: I am currently working 3 part-time jobs, very part time at the movie theater, as an assistant for a Mary Kay director, as well as a Mary Kay consultant. It's incredibly crazy and I have had close to no time to do my voice-overs or work out.
16-18 hour days 4/5 days a week=exhausted Brittany/ 
It's very frustrating as well because although I'm working a lot, I am getting close to no money since I'm working off Mary Kay products. If anyone needs any Mary Kay products or a free facial, PLEASE let me know!! I want to get back down to LA as soon as possible and this is the only way I'm seeing that happen now. I would love to quit the movies so I can focus on my film and Mary Kay but that's the only income Mike and I have right now.
Also, for the next few months I will sporadically be down in the Bay Area for filming of  'Hope's Identity!' It's so exciting that even when I'm not trying to find gigs, they fall into my lap. It makes me feel very blessed and excited for my career as well as my cast's future!
I'm also working on a few different voice over projects right now, one of which I was just cast in-Kathy Rain in the video game 'Kathy Rain!: I have several more auditions that I'm waiting on and I'm currently editing together my demo scripts. Hopefully I'll actually have some time to update that soon with my pro mic! :)
Oh, did I say the bad news? Yeah, Mike's job was temporary so his paycheck is no longer coming in. And now we have a gas guzzling truck. We don't have the gas money to even get to my jobs and class anymore with this Beast. But we are hoping to trade it as soon as possible because although it's in great shape (especially for being a 1980 Ford truck), the gas eating is almost worse than having no vehicle :( I hope everyone's day/week/month are prosperous and filled with joy!! :-D

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

UPDATE!! Update!!

Long needed update!! Sorry that I haven't been able to post recently-a lot has been happening lately and I've  been a bit overwhelmed. From May-November 1st Mike and I lived in the LA/OC area. And it was AWESOME!! Not only did we get to meet fantastic new friends, we had so many opportunities granted to us. I did a lot of audience work on tv shows (Rickie Lake, Jeff Probst,  Let's Make A Deal, and a few more) as well as two short films plus I got to be a background actor in 'Lovesick' with Matt LeBlanc and Ali Larter). Plus Mike got to be in the season finale of 'Weeds' and in two different webseries.

In October I got to be in the Queen Mary's 'Dark Harbor.' Not only was this a badass event, I looked like varying degrees of scariness of this:
 The people were fantastic, but our housing plans fell through and we had to move back up north to Redding.  Where we've been living at my parents' house.
 Now, I am a registered voter in Humboldt County so Mike and I decided to road trip over there so I could vote. Unfortunately our car threw an axle into its engine and it was totaled and we were stranded in Humboldt at my cousin's house. That was pretty cool because I've never been super close with Zev so it was nice to get to know him better.
 So now there are two cars for my entire family: Mom, Dad, Me, Mike, Griffin (still home from college until late January) and Gideon. I worked my butt off and got a job at Cinemark Movies 14 (whoop-de-doo right?) and during the holiday season I was getting 6 days a week and loving it! Unfortunately early January came around and I was moved down to 2 days a week. Thankfully Round Table Pizza gave me an interview and then hired me by mid-January. Plus I need 1 class before I graduate from Humboldt with a Theater degree so I decided this spring is the time!
 So I was working 2 jobs and had class 3 times a week and was still trying to find Mike a job. Then my Dad's car died on the freeway. So now we're at the point where there are 5 of us in this house trying to get everywhere we need to go. We have had to call in a lot of favors (Thank you Ashley, Kassy, Saralysette, and Grandma Tripp for helping us out!!) to get everywhere, but we're really hoping a really good job comes along for one of us. It's a pretty terrible feeling, being a 23 year old bottom of the rung worker at a movie theater in my hometown. Not only do a lot of people recognize me, but I feel so unfulfilled and bored by the work I have to do over and over.
 My Round Table job did not last long. Although I loved making pizzas, didn't have a huge issue cleaning up after guests and fellow workers, but I was only getting 2 hours a day, which didn't even cover the gas to get dropped off at work, have my driver go do whatever they needed to do, and then come back and pick me up. Plus I was the only female there that didn't have a kid so I guess I didn't need any money to eat.... 8 hours a week, broken into two hour shifts is BS. I might write more about that situation later. I decided to quit this past Saturday.
Now onto some voice-over work I've been doing!! I'm currently on the site I will be updating this list from time to time with links and reviews and such :)

-The Cat Lady: 'Mitzi'

-OJ-FWA Pro Wrestling:  'So Ryung Park; Liliana; Amano'

-Audiodrop Red Colt: Bounty Hunter:  'Wildflower'

-The White Feathers Directive:  'Futaba'

-Planet Explorers:  'Adisa Mostafa'

-Two is Company, Four is a Date:  'Brunette Twin'

-'Client' & 'Jennifer' -IMDb Credits
-Virtual Bible Recording:  'Mary Magdalene, Woman, Sick Woman, Elizabeth, Herodias, Mother Sapphira
-Shaider:  'Annie Rivers' & 'Nina'
-NOVA:  'Elizabeth'
-Pit Fighter Mod:  'Ilfhild'
-Journeys:  'Khajiit Female'
-Hammerfell:  'Rithleen'

Still in the works:

-Death Plan:  'Tamao'
-Flaw Machninama:  'Darcy'
-The Party:  'Allie' & 'Allie's Mom'
-Game Alchemy:  'Elizabeth Finch'

I'm sure there are more, but at the moment I just can't remember them. Oh, and I'm currently constructing a sound-blocking box to go around my mic, so if anyone has any clues I would really appreciate it!! :)

I will be filming a feature in April down in Oakland that I am soooo excited about, wish me luck! (And if anyone wants to run lines, let me know!! lol) I will be back soon with hopefully some really good news!! :)