Monday, December 2, 2013

Half Birthday Changes

I am coming to you in a new blog entry on my half birthday! I have a lot of updated works, I just don't have a working computer (Santa?) so it's been harder to post a long blog. My fingers get tired.

Bad news first. My fiancee Mike and I ended our relationship amicably. And, gosh it's been hard. Going from living with and seeing him everyday, looking forward to his kisses at the end of the day to being alone three quarters of the time, being accused and guilted by people because 'I didn't tell them about my engagement ending soon enough.' Well here it is! We broke up. I took it a million times harder than him apparently, because apparently he'd fallen out of love with me months before. Plus he started dating and moved in with a girl less than a month after we broke up. *deep breath* Dramatic story over.
Thankfully I have very supportive and fantastic friends! My two besties from kindergarten and 1st grade, Kassy and Ashley, respectively, came to visit me when I was living in Richmond! A fun and bonding girls weekend was had by us three in SF :) Thank you all for being there for me :)

Good news now!!!!! I SIGNED WITH NORTH CROWN TALENT MANAGEMENT!!!!! I haven't booked any gigs with them yet, but I've been chatting with them a lot, and I do need some amazing new headshots, but I'm very excited about the future we have together! YAY!!

I've also made some really good friends and connections in the acting world :) I was asked by the amazing Swayde Wilson to be in View Line Entertainment LLC's horror film, 'Dead Man's Chair!' It will be filming in Arizona the last weekend of January 2014!

I was also asked to be in the exciting horror film, 'Valentine's Day Massacre' this upcoming December/January. :)
I will be filming an awesome mockumentary, 'Hallucinations of Fear,' playing the role of an adult film star in my first 'real' film supporting extraterrestrials.


The video game in which I voiced Mitzi Hunt, The Cat Lady, is being released onto Steam within the next week! This is a fantastic step for both this game and its creators, Harvester Games!
Check it:!/page_PremierGames
Speaking of voice overs, I'll be working with Eye Wadjet Games on 'Kathy Rain' as Kathy Rain in January! I'll be heading over to New York to record for a few days! Yaaay!! :-D

Just yesterday I booked a really cool modeling gig as well! I'm working directly with the artist along with three other models. There's one shoot a month for the next three months, one in SF, the next in Portland and the following will be in Seattle! I'll definitely be traveling a lot in 2014! :-D

Unfortunately right now is the slow season for me so I'm mostly chilling at home. I made my first set of mittens with a matching hat!! Lol, not incredibly exciting. I want to be working SO much more. Hence me considering moving to LA....