Friday, September 27, 2013

Updates on life-Apprehension

There have been some very positive steps forward in our lives lately! I was asked to be a small role in Jordan Ghanma's upcoming film, "Valentine's Day Massacre' filming in November/December. I love my schedule filling up but I would love to be working all the time. Someday very soon it will happen :-D

I'm also still filming 'The Dirty.' It's been a strenuous but rewarding experience-from the level of commitment and talent of the cast and crew, I have a feeling that this tv series will go far (plus the hair and wardrobe people are amazing so everyone looks gorgeous!!) :D I also did my first two shows for 'The Dinner Detective!' The first one was super fun, everyone was super nice and really into the show. The second show was for Google, but just didn’t have the same fun, intriguing feel of the previous show. I'll be co-hosting in late October, but will be busy with other gigs until then! :)

Mike has great news too! He was promoted to full time at his job! So he's working 6 days a week now! It kinda sucks because one of the few days I'm filming this week is Sunday, his day off! lol. The life of an actress... :-D

I now have a almost fully updated IMDb! Please check it out and give it a like? :) It can be seen here:

Now to get to more important things. I've been watching a lot of Doctor Who lately. And I must say, I look very British. Like, same eyeballs, facial structure, cheeks as half the actors! I'm crazy British.

It's rough trying to become an actress. I love it, don’t get me wrong, especially because I hate being bored. But 3/4 of my days are spent finding gigs, updating my info, websites, applying to gigs and forever working on my demos. Carving out a few hours to do a part-time job is hard and makes me feel down. I guess that's just part of being an adult, lol


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Career and Life Updates! More movies!! :-D

I left my last post in a bit of a cliffhanger! So here's a little update! Mike and I moved down to my aunt and uncle's house in Richmond, CA about a month ago. On Mike's second interview, he landed a great job that will hopefully be going full-time shortly! I'm working part-time in The Dinner Detective-a murder mystery dinner that is largely improv :) I'm going to start another part-time job within the next week as well :)

In movie news, Hopes Identity had its first premiere at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland to a full audience! :) Everyone who stayed for the Q&A was so supportive and very positive-I had such a blast!!
Our second premiere at the California Theater went well too! It was a midnight premiere so it was only about half-full, but it was still super fun!
Pictured: Kimberley Ridgeway

Next up in premieres we will be in Monterey or Sacramento, The Carmel Art and Film Festival, The Blue Mountain Film Festival in Australia and more!! :-D Please keep up to date with us at the Facebook page or website:

I am also working on a webseries, 'The Dirty.' It's about 5 crews around the Bay Area competing for control. This production already has a lot of interest-we're at more than 6,000 Facebook likes! I play a Russian with a mysterious past (to others, I already know her entire life lol), Valraye, on the City Money crew! The website can be seen here:

 Pictured: Rashad Itson, Jonez Cain, Mike Grayson, Dominique Ramon Smith

I was just cast in my 2nd feature film as well, the comedy, 'Telemarketing for Dummies.' I'll be playing the quirky Jessica, a girl in her young 20s who's the romantic interest of the lead. Their facebook page with all the info can be found here:

Aaaand I will be appearing in the webseries 'T'chiba' as the news reporter, Wilma. This is a dark comedy with some supernatural elements :)

I'm excited to get started on all of these projects and hopefully add in a few more. All these opportunities are making my dream come true! Thank you again to all those who support, love, and work positively with me! :-D