Saturday, March 24, 2012

All around town!

Quick catch-up on the last week or so!!!

Starting out with some bad news: I received my first agency rejection letter yesterday from Boom! Talent. :( But I sent out quite a few more to other agencies. And recently I've really gotten into this whole voice-over thing and I think I'm pretty good at it! Not trying to brag, but I've been playing around with different crazy voices forever so I have a lot of practice! I'm looking at getting a much better mic-probably still not super professional but something better than the $20 mic I'm borrowing from Mike. I went to Best Buy and looked around and I'm also checking the best cheaper mics (around $100, maybe a little more) online and whatnot. I'm strongly considering the 'Samson Studio USB Condenser Microphone'-it's only about $70 and has some great reviews! There is sooo much equipment to become a VO artist!! I have to find a really good quality microphone, good headphones, a popper stopper, XLR cable, hi-pass filter, an USB man (I only have 1 working USB port, lol), and the software. I want to set up a little studio in the empty room downstairs so I don't have to bother Mike and Brian upstairs with all my weird voices and getting frustrated with myself, lol. Plus the room has pretty nice acoustics and an exercise bike!
I'm sending in my VO reel tomorrow (hopefully! If I don't get too busy talking elsewhere!) to quite a few agencies and I'm still compiling a list. Cross your fingers!

Over the past week, I've had two auditions for hosting gigs. The first was for a trailer for a movie and the second was kind of a promo gig, but I would be interviewing people at the party. One of the ladies from the first audition was the woman who interviewed me at the second audition so it made it very comfortable :)

This afternoon Mike and I were in a commercial for RonDu Pratt Ford in Vacaville! We were 'customers' that were very pleased with their experience. Well, you've seen car commercials. You know what I'm talking about ;-)

I was also offered a role in a movie (Cover) I auditioned for 2 weeks ago!! It isn't the role I auditioned for, nor is it the same movie, but it should be fun!! They said that they liked my audition so much they wrote a role that fit me better :) :)

PLEASE cross your fingers for my other agency applications out there and that on the 31st Mike and I get to play zombies so we can pay rent! :-D

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