Friday, March 9, 2012

The Waiting Days

Well, it has been one of those weeks. I started out the week with positive thoughts because I just got professional headshots taken the week before. And although they are AMAZING shots, they won't make the internet or mail systems get them to the agencies faster. So I wait. I thought I had gotten my first agency bite from a Film company/casting agency in LA yesterday. I got an email from a lady yesterday saying that I had an appointment for 9am tomorrow morning (today-Friday) with this company. I was psyched!! Mike called Aunt Lee and we got the car all set up to drive it down. Mike went in and got his paycheck a day early. We even ran to the bank to get some extra cash out. But while we were enjoying a celebratory dinner at McD's, I got an email explaining that it was just an interview for an unpaid internship that would last for 90 days. And since I live in the Bay Area, a full-time job in LA is out of the question. Sure I can run down there for auditions or for a few days in a row (or, pleeeease!!) if I'm cast in a film, I can stay down there for weeks.
So now I wait. At least until tomorrow. I have two auditions-one for a web trailer for a young adult book series and the other for a full-length film. Wish me luck!! :-D

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