Sunday, March 11, 2012

Auditions!!! Oh, and I'm a Voice Actress now!!

Yesterday I had 2 auditions and I think they both went fairly well! The first was in a Holiday Inn in Oakland and was very short and professional. I was given a side and we went through the side once (I had an emotion-filled monologue in the midst of the side). When I was done, I ended the scene and looked at the casting people. They looked stunned and happy (I hope in a good way!) and I had to say thank you twice before they responded. I'm really hoping it went well!!
The second audition was also in Oakland, but this one was in a business building. This one was for a trailer for a young adult book series. It was cool because the author was there and seemed to really like me! I read through a few scenes as a certain character (a junior in high school, super drama chick-I feel like I fit her well!) and then did an Improv scene in which I received a letter with the amazing news-I went with getting a lead in a film that paid $$$. hehe It was super fun and I made them laugh which always makes me feel good :) Talk soon! ;)

Also, and I'm very excited about this, I am now an official voice actor!! I decided about a week and a half ago that I might try and get into voice acting. So I applied to be the voice of a Khajiit female in a Skyrim add-on and I got it. It was really simple since I (Mike) have a pretty good mic for his computer games so I just recorded the script at home. :) The add-on creator really liked it and recommended me to another add-on creator. And this guy has created the big add-ons for Skyrim that video game casting people look at for voices. Yay! Then I got a gig as Pinkie Pie in a My Little Pony episode :) I find it funny that within 4 days I did 2 voice-over gigs for a Khajiit female (which is a raspy-growly-purring the 'r's voice) and then I did a voice-over for Pinkie Pie (one of the highest pitched young female voices in existence! lol). Love the variety! Now to get paid for doing these types of gigs... lol :-D

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