Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend of windy filming :)

Whew! It has been a fun-acting-filming-filled weekend!! :-) Yesterday I filmed the trailer for 'Pretend'-a film I auditioned for back in November. We did a trailer and short interview to raise funds on kickstarter-once that's online I'll post a link here :) Anywho, it was an interesting day because there were only 3 crew members so I got to slate at times! hehe. It was also pretty funny because the entire shoot was inside and my line was shot outside. In the windy cold. Not that I'm complaining!! I absolutely love wild stuff like crazy weather and props/makeup. Suuuper fun! :-) The seagulls were a bit of a problem ((LOUD)) too. But overall, it was a very laid-back, laugh-filled day! I'm craving coffee...

Okay, craving satisfied. Onto today! Today we filmed the pick-up shoot for 'Final Shutter.' We filmed around the Bay Area for 5 days about 2 weeks ago and generally when there's a lot of footage (or we get rushed out of a space because it's closing, lol), there are scenes or shots that need to be re-done. We started out at the Academy of Art, where I got to kill the air with a letter opener 12 or so times. Remember how I said I like the gorey stuff? hehe, I had blood allll over my hand! So cool (sticky)! :-D It was great re-visiting that scene. Although as I was driving home, I made a revelation about the scene that I think would have added another layer to the scene. But I'm sure it will turn out amazing-the crew and cast were all amazingly fun, supportive, and challenging. Then we moved to the Rolling Hills Cemetery. It was so windy that I almost got knocked over several times and our poor camerawoman (who was on crutches) almost got taken out a few times too! Props flew! Scripts flew! Flowers flew! So I stayed in my car until I was needed. And I mourned the heck out of...the person...I was...mourning. Hm. I'm trying not to give away too much! lol. Jess (my character) was such a treasure field. I discovered (along with my fantastic director Hyunsook) a new layer every day, new characteristics, the ways that she would react to situations. I can honestly say that I will miss Jess and my amazing cast and crew!!!!!! :-D :-D :-D

Being a crazy person in film is so different than being a crazy person onstage. I can proudly say I've done both now, but I'm not sure which one was more fun! In the theatre I got more time to be with Emily (my 'Black Widow' sociopath character) and therefore more time and practice to discover her. In film, everything is minimalized, even the insanity. It has to burn in your eyes, you have to feel it in your soul, feel it pouring out your mouth. In Theatre you still have to feel the character, to have those passions, but the actors have to show a good portion of the story to their audience-there's nowhere near as much exposition as in film. In Theatre every performance is fluid and the same character arc from page to page. I worry sometimes that my performance in film wanders between characters (which is a problem area I'm focusing on).

Thank you all! I'll have more soon ;-D

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