Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Voice Acting and some good/bad news....

I have some amazing news! An agency in LA called and we had a meeting in LA. This led to her telling me that she couldn't represent me until I lived in LA. She explained why-she could get me 2-3 auditions a day nearly every day, but that would mean I would have to be in LA full time or else I would start looking bad. And right now that's just not financially possible. Mike does have a part-time job and I have occasional gigs, but we can only pay for rent (sometimes not even that) and we feed ourselves 2-3 times a day. I knew I was in for this-the whole starving artist thing, but I wish my career was more productive in SF. I have to keep reminding myself it doesn't just have to do with my look or my acting ability. And that I've only been in the Bay Area for less than a year. But since I KNOW I have gigs waiting for me in LA, I want to be there SO BAD!!
Every option for moving down there has crossed my mind:
-Ask a friend if I can crash on their couch for a few weeks and audition for gigs left and right until I can make some money
-Make a few grand (lotto?? I'm almost considering going to amateur night at the strip club. If you're a family member, you didn't read that though!) and get a car and an apartment in North Hollywood
-Wait for a few more weeks, months, however long until we've made enough money to move down there. At this rate, it probably won't be for about another year.

But for now it's just another part of a dream that I've been trying to make happen since I was 9.

I am making advances in my voice-over work though! I just voiced 2 video games today and I auditioned for 6 other VO gigs. I finally figured out how to edit with Audacity so I've been having some fun with it! I might post a clip of a Dr. Horrible song I did all the parts for, hehe. :)

Tomorrow I'm auditioning for Kaiser Permanente's educational touring program at 11:20. A different avenue that I'm trying. And then later tomorrow, I'll be filming a short at Laney College. On Saturday I'll be an extra in 'Now Hiring' which sounds pretty fun! After that I'm pretty free though :)


  1. That's great Brittany! You are smart to wait to have money before moving to LA. You need money saved up to move there as you won't always get the parts you audition for so you can't depend on that. You have to be prepared. Since you are getting a lot of voice over work here, keep going with that and it will turn more lucrative.

  2. Yeah, I agree-money is always necessary. Hehe, unfortunately the voice-over gigs aren't very lucrative (just abundant and mostly for practice) right now because my microphone isn't great, but I should be getting a few bucks for a few of my gigs. Hopefully the money I get from them will cover my $150 home studio I've got all planned out :) I've got my VO reel recorded with the 'meh' microphone I'm using now, I just need to edit it together with music and such. Then I'm sending it out to agencies galore!! :)

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