Friday, April 13, 2012

Itching to move...

Ever since I've focused myself entirely on acting instead of acting and modeling, I haven't been as busy or feeling as productive. Yesterday I auditioned for the Kaiser Permanente Educational Touring job and filmed a short. The short was awesome!! We shot at Laney College and I played a kidnapped wife who had been drugged and was getting felt up by a gangster. The grittiness of it was really awesome :-D Plus I got to shoot with BigSpence, whom I had met and gotten to know slightly on a 1-day shoot for the TV show 'Frontline.' Then on Saturday I'm going to be an extra in 'Now Hiring' in Roseville on Saturday. Just a short shoot, but I'm bringing my new business cards and I'm hoping to make some new friends! :)
I just booked a web-series that will be featured on youtube! I'll include the link here after it's uploaded. I'm also getting to audition for the film they are producing as well.
I'm still doing stuff in voice-acting of course! I've just sent in about 6 auditions (I almost wrote half dozen, but then I realized that was a heck of a lot longer than '6') I've also been given 3 different roles in various video games and audiobooks so I'm building up experience with voice-overs and editing said voice-overs. I also lament some websites not sending emails if I get a response to a post or get an email. I was emailed 2 weeks ago on some random website asking if I could do voice-acting for their film and I just found it tonight. Blegh
So anywho, Mike just made me a yummy ham sandwich so I'm going to go eat it. I'm super excited for the upcoming opportunities, please keep positive thoughts for everything! :)

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