Thursday, September 12, 2013

Career and Life Updates! More movies!! :-D

I left my last post in a bit of a cliffhanger! So here's a little update! Mike and I moved down to my aunt and uncle's house in Richmond, CA about a month ago. On Mike's second interview, he landed a great job that will hopefully be going full-time shortly! I'm working part-time in The Dinner Detective-a murder mystery dinner that is largely improv :) I'm going to start another part-time job within the next week as well :)

In movie news, Hopes Identity had its first premiere at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland to a full audience! :) Everyone who stayed for the Q&A was so supportive and very positive-I had such a blast!!
Our second premiere at the California Theater went well too! It was a midnight premiere so it was only about half-full, but it was still super fun!
Pictured: Kimberley Ridgeway

Next up in premieres we will be in Monterey or Sacramento, The Carmel Art and Film Festival, The Blue Mountain Film Festival in Australia and more!! :-D Please keep up to date with us at the Facebook page or website:

I am also working on a webseries, 'The Dirty.' It's about 5 crews around the Bay Area competing for control. This production already has a lot of interest-we're at more than 6,000 Facebook likes! I play a Russian with a mysterious past (to others, I already know her entire life lol), Valraye, on the City Money crew! The website can be seen here:

 Pictured: Rashad Itson, Jonez Cain, Mike Grayson, Dominique Ramon Smith

I was just cast in my 2nd feature film as well, the comedy, 'Telemarketing for Dummies.' I'll be playing the quirky Jessica, a girl in her young 20s who's the romantic interest of the lead. Their facebook page with all the info can be found here:

Aaaand I will be appearing in the webseries 'T'chiba' as the news reporter, Wilma. This is a dark comedy with some supernatural elements :)

I'm excited to get started on all of these projects and hopefully add in a few more. All these opportunities are making my dream come true! Thank you again to all those who support, love, and work positively with me! :-D