Saturday, January 4, 2014

Reviews from 'The Cat Lady' and 'Hopes Identity'!!

I'm going to upload these reviews to a more permanent part of my blog, buy for now, here are some rad reviews of some of my work from various people!!! :-D

'Brittany Williams also gives a highly memorable performance as Mitzi, Susan’s terminally ill friend and lodger. Their relationship is the driving force of the entire game – it will make you laugh, it could make you cry, and it will almost certainly deliver a healthy dose of heartache.'
                         -Marty Mulrooney for

'The voice acting is tremendous, which is crucial because there is so much of it during the game’s nearly nine-hour playing time.....The gravelly-voiced Mitzi presents a combination of world weariness and energy in the face of tragedy at the same time.'
                       -Merlina McGovern from

'TCL's voice acting is first-rate. Particularly outstanding are Lynsey Frost as Susan, and Brittany Williams as Mitzi Hunt, a young woman who plays an important part in Susan's strange journey.'
                        -Karla Munger with

"A MUST SEE FILM by Director Christopher L. Ellis!  Brittany Williams pulled off the dramatic ending to compliment the satirical humor of the film. The Reggie Bush's of the world may think twice before playing "a white girl"...Bitter Black Women will get a mirror held up & uncomfortably close...being racist against inter-racial couples out of Baby Mama drama or jealousy- ain't a good look soul sista!   Williams light up the screen with her ingenue. Not only does this starlet have great comedic timing, but Williams is humble and a force to watch out for. Her debut performance was light-hearted yet powerful in it's honesty.

Her best moment was a botched blind date after a crushing break-up... proving she can not only make us smile but make us feel every emotion with her. In her most dramatic moments we cringe, comparing our own miss-education against her characters tough life choices. You will surely identify your own hope from this pointed new date movie...share with your parents, teens, girl and/or guy friends. A treat for all races, religions and ages. This one will have you and your boo pillow talking long after you've left the theater...  Lastly Hope's Identity has more than a few catchy original music scores! Marcus may have left his ex for a white girl, but heroine Cynthia certainly ain't no gold digger...standing by her man in a portrayal, of the every woman, that would surely make Ms Lorretta Lynn tip her hat!  MOVE OVER Drew Barrymore, America is bound for a new sweetheart! Bravo Miss Brittany!"
-Alicia Hope Alexander with Rip Raw Entertainment

'A story heavy game like this can stand or fall on the quality of the voice acting, I will say the quality is good overall, failing briefly with one character and holding a high standard with both female leads. Talking of the leads I do have a bias, I'm totally in love with the voice of Brittany Williams.'

Thanks everyone!! ;-)


  1. Your performance in "The Cat Lady" is indeed outstanding (which is a feat in itself, as voice-acting for Remigiusz's game is overall top-notch) and I think you may be surprised by how many people are getting to "discover" you by Mitzi's role, in years to come.

    Good luck with your 2014 plans!


  2. I agree with the comment above. You did an excellent job portraying Mitzi. I hope 2014 has more in store for you.

    - Kimberly

  3. Wow, thank you both so much! That was my first video game and I had so much fun with the intricacies of Mitzi's character! I have two upcoming video games as well as an audiobook coming out within the next few months!! :-D

  4. nice idea thanks to share with us i really enjoyed

  5. Wow... I just finished The Cat Lady and I have to say that your voice is WONDERFUL! I think I fell in love with it too :D

  6. Thank you both so much!! I apologize for my late response, but I've been working hard! :D