Monday, April 8, 2013


There has been some good an bad news recently. We shall start with the good :) The first film I ever starred in, 'The Final Shutter,' will be showing at the Cannes Film Festival in France May 15th-26th (right during my sister's wedding!!)!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for this opportunity!!!! :-D :-D :-D
Now onto more everyday conundrums: I am currently working 3 part-time jobs, very part time at the movie theater, as an assistant for a Mary Kay director, as well as a Mary Kay consultant. It's incredibly crazy and I have had close to no time to do my voice-overs or work out.
16-18 hour days 4/5 days a week=exhausted Brittany/ 
It's very frustrating as well because although I'm working a lot, I am getting close to no money since I'm working off Mary Kay products. If anyone needs any Mary Kay products or a free facial, PLEASE let me know!! I want to get back down to LA as soon as possible and this is the only way I'm seeing that happen now. I would love to quit the movies so I can focus on my film and Mary Kay but that's the only income Mike and I have right now.
Also, for the next few months I will sporadically be down in the Bay Area for filming of  'Hope's Identity!' It's so exciting that even when I'm not trying to find gigs, they fall into my lap. It makes me feel very blessed and excited for my career as well as my cast's future!
I'm also working on a few different voice over projects right now, one of which I was just cast in-Kathy Rain in the video game 'Kathy Rain!: I have several more auditions that I'm waiting on and I'm currently editing together my demo scripts. Hopefully I'll actually have some time to update that soon with my pro mic! :)
Oh, did I say the bad news? Yeah, Mike's job was temporary so his paycheck is no longer coming in. And now we have a gas guzzling truck. We don't have the gas money to even get to my jobs and class anymore with this Beast. But we are hoping to trade it as soon as possible because although it's in great shape (especially for being a 1980 Ford truck), the gas eating is almost worse than having no vehicle :( I hope everyone's day/week/month are prosperous and filled with joy!! :-D


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  2. I'm glad I can help out!! I don't want people just starting out to make my mistakes :)